Design and code goes hand in hand for me, I just can't simply choose one of them, so I love hackathons where I have the chance to practice both, and meet like-minded people and learn a lot. Like a LOT. In 2016 I've attended the Techcrunch Disrupt 2016 Hackathon the first time, in London.

I was very excited about the event, and with our team of five (all first-timers), we won the precious award from Radix, for the most valuable domain with our Jobble idea for the developing world. If you are interested in the full story, one of my teammate wrote a detailed full coverage about our journey. :)
But briefly...
We wanted to create something tangible for the developing countries, and since we had a chance to work with the Twilio API, making an SMS-based service for featured phones seemed like a logical step. After a short research we realized not just Africa, but also some other rural areas can benefit from a service which makes easier to find a job locally, based on the job-seeker's skillset, and experience.
 The Twilio API helped us to create and intelligent SMS bot, which asks driven questions both from the employers and the possible employees, and storing plus analyzing the data, and in case of matching, notify both parties via a simple SMS so supply and demand meet each other faster. In the near future we are planning to channel in more complex NLP and the Watson AI to reach a next level of artificial communication. 
The Techcrunch made a quick interview just after the event about the Jobble concept, and the possible outcomes for the future. I took part basically in every stage from the concept till the execution, and the final commit. I also put together a landing page for the project (below).
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