Daily UI is a project which aims to cover 100 UI topics (one each day), and bringing together people of the design community through the design interpretation, and feedbacks. I created a top ten selection of my UI designs, if you want to seem more of them, follow my Twitter account.
#1 Landing page for the Samsung Gear VR, focusing on exploration of the product with eye-catching 360° videos, and entertainment possibilities, which basically selling the product itself.
#2 Festival pass pre-order site for the Sziget in Budapest, with some cool duotone color set. Let's rock!
#3 Player statistics for Russell Westbrook, after watching the NBA All-star game lately at night. Stars deserve some highlights on the screen.
#4 Workout app design for cray girls who are spending their precious time in the gym, and following a personalized training method reaching their goals.
#5 Upcoming events from your favourite bands and singers. Select your favs, and enjoy the exclusive content.
#6 Shopping cart for fashionistas. Minimal and easy-overlook which helps if you have the whole
Balmain army in your bag.
#7 Electric car interface for my favourite car, the KIA Soul EV. Check your tyre pressure regularly. 
#8 Bright colored calendar application, which always keeps track of your to-dos during the day as well. 
Go for the green!
#9 This is your last chance to see Kobe Bryant on gameday, so don't miss this layup, and buy his 
customizable sneaker today.
#10 Simple home monitoring system can be useful to heat up, or cool down the people around you.
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