Nearly 300 million people have colour vision defiency in the World. People with CVD see a very little difference between red and green, therefore they see a much-limited spectrum and intensity of colors. In collaboration with Samsung our agency developed an innovative application that makes it possible for color-vision deficient people to see a full spectrum of colors on Samsung television screens.
As a part of our agency team my responsibility was to shape the brand's digital communication about the Tizen TV app, and the android mobile application. I also created a single responsive landing page about issue for the website in harmony of the brand's other digital guidelines. The site is currently under some iterations as it should be, because we are constantly receiving feedbacks from users.

Agency Team members
Vilmos Farkas - Creative Director
Csaba Tökölyi - Art Director, UX designer
Mátyás Kóbor - Art Director
András Takács - Copywriter
Dániel Szász - Copywriter
Peter Javorkai - UX designer, Web development
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