PeterBot Facebook messenger chatbot helps me out if I'm not available
The project came from my common interest in artificial intelligence, but it was really hard at first to find a place for a  PeterBot I would say thebot in everyday life. Although Facebook, Slack and Telegram started to bring closer to people these simple applications called bots - especially since the F8 event in April — but I wanted something more than an other app which lets you order a pizza, so I started to think about how I can take this opportunity to the best use in my work, particularly in pitching for job opportunities.  
These are the first lines of my Medium article I wrote about the process of the creation of my PeterBot Facebook messenger, if you want to read the whole Medium post, take a ride. 
But if you are not in the mood of reading, you can jump into action with him simply start chatting, or scanning this picture below with your Facebook messenger app on phone.
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